Hollie was our blue eyed girl. As a family we had an amazing 8 years together. Unfortunately, in April of 2014 Hollie became unwell. We were told she needed a bone marrow transplant and at the time there was no match for her. We were devastated but we soon came to realise we needed to find that special person and not sit, hope and wait for a match.

Once, when Hollie was in hospital, her Uncle Mac facetimed her with pants on his head to cheer her up. Then and there we came up with the idea of asking everyone we knew to post a #pantsonyourhead selfie. The idea took off. Helphollie increased registrations in Wales, UK by 2580% in the summer of 2014. At its peak, when Gareth Bale, the world’s most expensive footballer posted his picture, our Facebook page had a total reach of 4.6 million. The Helphollie campaign was awarded with a special commendation from Anthony Nolan in the House of Commons.
Hollie found her match and her bone marrow donation took place in July 2014. Sadly, it wasn’t to be and Hollie died in her parents loving arms on 6th November 2014 due to complications.

Thanks to the amazing stem cell donor and Anthony Nolan, Hollie had a chance. Surely everyone in this position deserves a chance? Ever since,  Helphollie tries to raise awareness and funds for Anthony Nolan.


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What can you do?

Be a life saver, become a bone marrow donor!!

•    If you are aged 16-30 visit the Anthony Nolan website and sign up.
•    If you are aged 16-55 visit deletebloodcancer.org.uk and sign up.

Anything Else?

•    Many people with blood cancers need regular blood transfusions and platelets. Only 6% of the UK population regularly donate! Why not become a regular blood or platelet donor?  You can even register as a bone marrow donor whilst you are there! If you are aged 17-66 you can start now.
•    Support our Events.



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